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Chain pneumatic block-cutter, light series, for both horizontal and vertical drilling, Tech 1 is particularly suitable for primari cuts of marble and granite, and for squaring of blocks directly on the quarry yard.  Of limited weight it can be easily placed and used also on steep ground.
Control group with lubricating system and adjustable downfeed according to hardness of material to be drilled


Pneumatic translating of drilling column on rail for a quick and accurate positioning, with minimum work. Sliding sliders of translating chariot and of drill slide made of auto-lubricating material. 4 m. rail equipped with 3 sleepers with levelling screws, tensioner, for a quick alignment of the column, wedges for expansion fixing, hook for lifting and shifting and various standard accessories.

▪ Pneumatic Hammer 26-28 Kg..
▪ Compressed air consumption: approx 5000 lt/min
▪ Total weight (without hammer): Kg. 340
▪ Rail( equipped with 3 sleepers) weight: Kg. 123
▪ Start of drilling process with 2 m. steel
▪ Reachable depth: beyond 15 mt
▪ Holes ø 22-45 mm
▪ Speed of theorical drillings (only approx.):   approx. 100 cm./min. (marble)  /  approx.   60 cm./min. (granite)

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