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MIssion & Values

The mission that guides KWEZI is founded on the technological innovation, research and the offer of highly skilled professional services and has the objective of designing and supplying advanced equipments and machines for quarrying and processing marbles, granites and stones.
The ultimate goal is to become the ideal partner for any company in the stone field that believes in competitiveness as indispensable value for its success.

Each supply is for KWEZI   a special opportunity to develop new ideas and create advanced products.
KWEZI is distinguished by maximum flexibility to Customers with whom it establishes a direct and immediate relationship. Speed and efficiency in the answers to the various Customers’ exigencies become the base of a personalized and loyal relationship and this collaboration creates positive synergies aimed at achieving ambitious common goals.
The attention to the organizational aspects gives KWEZI the possibility to better manage the various skills, improving its performances in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, adapting to changing market needs.

KWEZI puts at its Customers’ disposal a specialized team with high design capacity and very good skills in order to study and create machines and equipments of highly innovative features and real “turnkey” solutions. KWEZI’s technicians help the Customer throughout the development of the project, starting from the layout, the design and manufacturing upto the final testing of each machine or equipment. The technical study is done with advanced instruments for structural analysis in order to anticipate, know and plan in detail any consequences on the structures in the different load configurations and to meet any production requirement, while respecting the objectives and expectations of the Customer.
The quality department carries out a constant monitoring of the production phases, interacting with technicians and engineers to maintain the desired quality levels.

KWEZI offers an attentive, efficient and exhaustive consultancy service, perfectly integrated with its system of equipments and machines supply. Since the initial contact, the technical staff analyzes the exigencies of the Customer carrying out inspections and surveys for the feasibility study, progressing to subsequent phases of the project till the completion of the finished plant.
The efficient service of   installation and setting-up of the machines is completed by a theoretical and practical training carried out by KWEZI to the Customers’ operators for the best use of the equipments.
On demand, the training can be done at Customer’s site by skilled technicians who are able to assist during machines starting-up and to transfer the precious know-how necessary for their best use.Moreover KWEZI has developed a prompt and timely after-sale service which can satisfy the Customers’ exigencies all over the world.
On demand KWEZI can give a technical consultancy service on the status and the potentialities of quarries with geological prospecting on site, detailed projects of the deposits exploitation and pointing out the equipments, machines and accessories that are necessary, according to the different systems of quarrying and quarry engineering.