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KTM 80/100 – Diamond Gangsaw

Sawing unit for marble blocks to produce slabs at different thickness, available in two models, 80 and 100 blades and blade-holding frame stroke 800 or 1000 mm.


Steel carpentry structure made of high resistance steel in which the parallel blades are set, strengthened. The frame, moving on sliders in oil-bath and with bronze interchangeable wear parts, is equipped with a particular mechanical solution which allows the perfect clearance recovering between guides and sliders.

The alternate linear movement is produced by a system connecting rod – crank controlled by a cast-iron big flywheel, keyed on a steel shaft duly heat-treated to improve its resistance. The shaft rotates on spherical roller bearings set inside supports with adequate lubrication rooms. The connecting-rod is obtained by casting and is suitably dimensioned to resist to the stress due to the force of inertia of the starting.   The presence of a couple of bearings in the connecting-rod small end and of a big bearing in the connecting-rod big end, guarantees a high precision during operations. A motor, duly conformed, controls the flywheel rotation through a belt transmission, to grant a regular and reliable running of the whole system.

The block is lifted by a high resistance steel platform on which the block-carrying trolley is housed. The vertical travel of the platform is operated by four couples screw/nut-screw given by the sliding of special sliding blocks joint to the lifter, on stainless steel guides, prismatic on one side, plane on the other side, screwed to the columns to allow their eventual replacement; the vertical travel is controlled by four screw / nut-screw couples. The contact between the platform and the guides is granted by a particular technical solution which employs the elasticity of properly set scoop springs. The sliding-blocks/stainless steel guides system is water lubricated, while the screw / nut-screw couple is grease lubricated by means of a pneumatic pump.

The columns of the gangsaw are in steel carpentry and support the whole movement structure of the blade holding frame. They contain the seats of the sliding guides of the lifting unit. Steadily fixed to the ground by foundation bolts, they have a cavity in which a concrete casting is made to improve their stiffness. In the upper part they are duly machined to allow the beams fixing in which the seats for the transversal sliding sliders are housed.

It operates the vertical movement of the lifting unit. It consists of four angular reduction gears connected to the couples screw / nut- screw and of two geared motors with inverter which execute the quick movements as well as the operating ones at adjustable speed.

A totally zinc plated steel structure is on the upper part of the machine, constituting a comfortable walkway for inspections. Connected by a ladder, this structure has some openings to allow the access to the blade-holding frame during maintenance operations and blades assembly.

The whole electronic equipment is controlled by a computer which adjusts, controls and displays all main functions of the machine (absorption of the flywheel motor, cut parameters, alarms, moving parts, lubricating plant, etc.etc.).

80/800 80/1000 100/800
Block dimensions  cm  330x210x210  330x210x210  330x250x210
Number of blades (at 2 cm)  n°  80 80  100
Blade length  mm  4350  4550 4350
Blade-holding frame stroke  mm  800  1000  800
Revolutions of blade-holding frame giri/min. 80 72 72
Main motor power kw 110 132 132
Max. downfeed speed cm/h 50 50 50
Flywheel weight kg 9000 9000 9000
Flywheel diameter kg 3600 3600 3600
Block-carrying trolley power kw 2,2 2,2 2,2
Machine dimensions (AxBxC) mm 14400x5120x5560 14400x5120x5560 14400x5640x5560

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