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DIAMSTAR TECH – Diamond wire plant

The diamond wire plant DIAMSTAR in 3 versions, stationary, gantry on rails and double (stationary + gantry), has been designed for block squaring and thick slabs cutting of marble and stones in general and granite. The most evident advantages compared to similar machines are the higher speed and cutting precision, vibrations absence, reduction of wear parts and complete self-adjustment of the machine during cutting phases.



The whole plant structure consisting of an electrically welded steel frame, has been designed to ensure very high rigidity levels and precision during all the cutting phases. It is composed of two vertical columns linked together by a steady connecting beam and two aluminum large size flywheels (Æ 2150 mm) reducing the load on the diamond wire and helping the diamond wire spinning around its own axis, preventing its ovalization.

The vertical translation of the flywheels holding sliders occurs by means of 2 recirculating ball type screws, the vertical sliding guides are recirculating ball linear units as well. This solution allows to obtain movements at a very low coefficient of friction reducing to zero each wear phenomenon. The rise-descent movement is driven by a brushless motor which allows RPM adjustment continuously optimizing the downfeed speed during work and rise phase. The diamond wire rotation is operated by an asynchronous motor 22 Kw which transmits the motion to the main flywheel through a V-belts reduction group.

The machine is equipped with anti-falling system (main nut/safety nut) to prevent flywheel holder groups from falling down in the event of main nut brake down. The system includes a safety sensor which stops all movements in case of nut-screw wear.

Standard grease lubrication by means of grease nipples easily accessible. It is possible to equip the machine with automatic oil lubrication (optional). In this case the lubrication is completely automatic, after programming the lubrication time and the time interval between each lubrication cycle. In the event of oil lack, after ending the current cut, the machine stops automatically.

The whole electronic system of the machine is controlled by P.L.C. (Programmable Logic Controller), which adjusts and controls all machine main functions.

The optional automatic cutting software controls the execution and the optimization of multiple cuts (slabs and thicknesses) by PLC.

▪ Total installed power :  30 kW
▪ Main motor power :  22 kW
▪ Useful cutting width: 4000 mm
▪ Useful cutting height standard 2150 mm – (max 2500 mm)
▪ Block trolley capacity: 40 ton
▪ Diamond wire variable rim speed:  (upto  40 m/sec)
▪ Downfeed motor: Brushless

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