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TELESTAR PLUS – Diamond wire quarrying machine

Telestar Plus is a diamond wire quarrying machine conceived to perform large vertical, horizontal and inclined cut in marble and stone and, in the version with variable rim speed by inverter, in granite too. Various electric motorizations are available, with variable rim speed by inverter.


360° rotation and side movement of the main flywheel holder group allow to execute two parallel cuts at 2200 mm maximum distance without moving the machines on the rails.

Machine advancement on rails is controlled by a geared-motor group operated by inverter, the whole system is managed by an integrated PLC. A mobile control board, connected to the machine, allows to manage and control all working operations from a safe position.

Working speed is variable by inverter. In addition it is possible to keep a constant tensioning of the diamond wire during all cutting phases, with obvious benefits in terms of durability of the wire   and of the working speed.

Safety devices stop all movements in case of operating anomalies. All electric and electronic components are inside a board in IP55 protection class, the mobile dashboard for remote control in low tension is provided with connecting cable to allow the operator to remain outside the interdiction area and in any case in a safe position. Machine manufactured in compliance with the EC Directive 2006/42 and its following amendments.

▪ Main motor power: 30 – 75 kW
▪ Advancemet motor power: 0.75 kW
▪ Hydraulic unit motor power: 0.37 kW
▪ Main flywheel diameter: 800 – 1000 mm
▪ Drive pulleys diameter: 400 mm
▪ Max. flywheel translation: 2200 mm
▪ Flywheel motor group rotation: 360°
▪ Variable  speed of diamond wire: 0-40 m/sec
▪ Fixed speed of the diamond wire: 40 m/sec

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